Biological Treatment

Dynatec provides a biological treatment (MBR) for industrial wastewater and decentralized sanitary wastewater plants.

Glen Meadows


Expert Design

Dynatec has been providing Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) systems in the most difficult industrial applications since 2000.  Dynatec has completed projects for sanitary wastewater with nitrogen and phosphorus removal to very low levels, difficult to treat landfill leachates, and many different industrial wastewaters.  When it comes to the biological design of difficult to treat wastewaters, Dynatec relies on its experience and lessons learned from its many biological treatment projects to ensure a proper design that works.

Dynatec uses the most up to date biological design tools and simulation software to ensure that its systems are being designed properly.  Dynatec's experience and expert design allows us to provide a guarantee on our biological designs.


Proven Results

With over 50 operating Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) systems in many difficult applications, Dynatec is proud to say that all of them meet their permit limits.  Many systems produce high water quality for reuse.

Information Sheets

HiRate MBR.pdf
HiRate MBR
pdf (1,127.60kb)
DynaLift MBR.pdf
DynaLift MBR
pdf (919.18kb)
Containerized MBR.pdf
Containerized MBR
pdf (1,074.58kb)
MBR for Major Cereal Manufacturer
MBR for Major Cereal Manufacturer
pdf (1,177.04kb)
Hazardous Waste landfill.pdf
Case Study of MBR and Metals Removal at Hazardous Waste Landfill
pdf (815.30kb)