Dynatec's employees are experts in wastewater membrane filtration. Our services optimize equipment performance and reliably produce high quality water


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Design Build Turnkey Solutions
Design Build Turnkey Solutions
Dynatec Systems offers complete installed turnkey systems by taking responsibility for the design and installation for a complete wastewater solution.
Design-Build-Own-Operate and Maintain
Design-Build-Own-Operate and Maintain
Dynatec provides complete wastewater treatment systems maintenance and operation without capitol investment or risk to the Owner.
System Installation
Dynatec offers construction and installation services. Dynatec’s experience equals optimum installation, shorter completion time and reduced costs.
Maintenance and Support
Maintenance and Support Services
Dynatec supports its existing plants by providing expert technical assistance when problems or necessary process changes occur.
System Retrofit and Upgrades
System Retrofit and Upgrades
Dynatec's membrane systems are well suited for retrofit applications. Using existing assets, costs are minimized when adding or replacing equipment.
Treatability and Pilot Studies
Treatability and Pilot Studies
In order to select the best membrane and system design for a specific project application, Dynatec performs treatability studies and pilot operations.

Information Sheets

Contract Service.pdf
Contract Service
pdf (669.46kb)
Containerized MBR.pdf
Containerized MBR
pdf (1,074.58kb)
Containerized Membrane System.pdf
Containerized Membrane System
pdf (2,330.85kb)
DynaLift MBR.pdf
DynaLift MBR
pdf (919.18kb)
HiRate MBR.pdf
HiRate MBR
pdf (1,127.60kb)
Hazardous Waste landfill.pdf
Case Study of MBR and Metals Removal at Hazardous Waste Landfill
pdf (815.30kb)
Heavy Metals Removal using Ultrafiltration.pdf
Heavy Metals Removal using Ultrafiltration
pdf (771.27kb)