Design Build Turnkey Solutions

Dynatec Systems offers complete installed turnkey systems by taking responsibility for the design and installation for a complete wastewater solution.

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We Offer a Single Source of Responsibility 

The process begins with an evaluation of the needs of the application, and ends with a complete operating system. Dynatec also offers ownership and operation of treatment systems on a long-term service basis.


Problem Evaluation

Over 36 years of experience in a wide variety of applications allows Dynatec to quickly evaluate the issues surrounding any particular project and to arrive at a solution or set of solutions, based on hard-won experience. Our focus is always to produce the most cost-effective long-term answer for our customer.


Process and System Design

Two different sets of disciplines are employed for this stage of the process: first, years of process experience produce effective process design. Our ownership and operation of treatment systems produces invaluable field experience that is translated into operator-friendly equipment. Next, the process design is translated into a complete integrated treatment systems by our experienced set of mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering staff.


A Broad Range of Equipment

Dynatec obtains membranes from a wide variety of suppliers, always aware of the need to produce lowest lifetime cost. Our suppliers produce membranes in a variety of materials, as well as in number of configurations for most effective solutions. In addition, Dynatec procures other equipment required to complete the project.


Installation Service

Dynatec manufactures modular equipment so that installation costs are kept to a minimum, supervised by experienced competent engineers. Our usual method of operation is to hire local contractors approved by our customer.


System Startup and Training

The startup procedure is a three-step process: first, the equipment is commissioned by proving each of the field instruments. Wet-testing the equipment follows this. Finally, the equipment is operated on process fluid to prove operation under normal operating conditions. During this time, the plant operators are observing and being trained on the operation and maintenance of the equipment. After this, the operators, observed by Dynatec personnel, run the plant.