Maintenance and Support Services

Dynatec supports its existing plants by providing expert technical assistance when problems or necessary process changes occur.

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Dynatec uses qualified engineers to offer technical assistance and process recommendations. In most cases, the engineer who designed the plant and oversaw the construction and startup will provide direct support to the customer.


Telephone and Email Support

Operations staff working on Dynatec supplied equipment can call or email our support staff.  Maintenance or operation issues are tracked and handled through our service and support department where Dynatec's superior knowledge with membrane system operation enables us to resolve problems with membrane operation in every application of membranes to wastewater.


Spare Parts and Supplies

Dynatec stocks commonly used spare parts including membrane modules, instrumentation, and other equipment to support plants.  Operators can call Dynatec to troubleshoot problems and order parts.


Chemical Sales

Dynatec offers specialty chemicals for membrane cleaning and recovery.  Customers can order chemicals used for membrane cleaning.


System Maintenance Audits

Dynatec performs system audits using qualified field service engineers.  After visiting the site and assessing the operation of the system, a report is generated including recommendations on equipment repair and replacement, regular maintenance to be performed, and recommended spare parts.


System Performance Audits

In most projects, Dynatec will collect data to review plant performance and offer feedback to operations staff to help optimize performance.

Dynatec owns and operates several plants and can provide this service if required.

Dynatec Support and Maintenance provides:

  • 24 hour support
  • Process recommendations
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Operations Service
  • Plant Maintenance checkout
  • Spare Parts
  • On-going support

Information Sheets

Dynatec Brochure
The Membrane Wastewater Specialist
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Contract Service
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Titanium Plant - DBOOM.pdf
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