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Dairy converts existing biological system to MBR
April 30 2018
Dynatec converted an existing conventional biological treatment system at a dairy to a membrane bioreactor (MBR). The converted plant has the ability to process wastewater at the rate of 475,000 gallons per day.
Cheese Processing Plant Gets HiRate MBR UF
April 5 2018
Dynatec Systems will install another HiRateā„¢ UF for MBR service to process 400,000 gallons per day for a cheese processing plant.
UF System Removes Oil & Metals
March 15 2018
Automotive parts manufacturer needed a UF system to remove oil and metals to allow the treated water to be acceptable for discharge.
Automotive Connectors Manufacturer
February 13 2018
A leading manufacturer of quick connectors for transfer of engine oil cooling fluids was in need of a wastewater treatment system to address oil and grease and heavy metal contaminants in their discharge. Based on understanding of the waste stream and ability to provide a cost effective solution, Dynatec was selected to provide a system that would produce effluent that reliably met the sewer discharge requirements.
Automotive Parts Manufacturer
January 18 2018
An auto parts manufacturer was in need of a system to process 2,500 gallons per day of oily waste water. An ultrafiltration system was selected based upon its ability to consistently meet the discharge requirements without chemicals and limited operator involvement. This ultra filtration system removes oil and allow zinc in compliance with discharge requirements
Anaerobic digester and Aerobic MBR followed by reverse osmosis for whiskey Manufacturer
December 13 2017
A whiskey manufacturer needed a wastewater treatment system to reduce the very high organic content (BOD and COD) as well as the solids content (TSS) of the wastewater stillage to achieve the demanding final treated water discharge standards.
Cost Effective MBR Package Plant
August 29 2017
Cost Effective MBR Package Plant
Upgrade Existing Conventional Lechate Treatment System
August 29 2017
Upgrade Existing Conventional Lechate Treatment System
Integrated UF & RO System
August 29 2017
Integrated UF & RO System
MBR & RO Systems Completed
August 29 2017
MBR & Ro Systems Completed -
Treatment of Leachate
Wastewater Treatment System for Major Automotive Transmission Plant
August 29 2017
Dynatec completes design build wastewater treatment system for Major Automotive Transmission Plant.
Expansion of Existing Leachate MBR
August 27 2017
Expansion of Existing Leachate MBR
MBR for Dairy Farm
August 27 2017
MBR for Dairy Farm
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