About Dynatec Systems

Dynatec Systems has been designing and manufacturing wastewater membrane treatment systems for since 1979.

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Dynatec offers membrane systems combined with physical chemical treatment, biological treatment and physical separation.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to create value by providing high quality wastewater and purification treatment systems and excellent service at below average cost.
Dynatec History
Dynatec has successfully designed, engineered, and installed hundreds of wastewater treatment and recovery plants throughout North America since 1979 and in the world since 1997.
Corporate Responsibility
We view our corporate social responsibility in three ways: how we manage our environmental responsibility, how we contribute to the community and how we work with our customers and suppliers.

Dynatec Difference

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Our Business
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The Membrane Wastewater Specialist
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Dynatec Capabilities
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Industrial MBR Solutions
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