Dynatec Provides Complete System for Aerospace Manufacturer

Dynatec is engaged to provide a comprehensive water and wastewater treatment solution for an aerospace manufacturing process.

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Goodrich Aerospace was relocating a manufacturing facility that performs surface treatment for aircraft metal parts. The facility produces about 150,000 gallons per day of wastewater that contains hexavalent chrome, titanium, and other contaminants. The facility also produces about 3,000 gallons per day of oily wastewater.

The Problem

Goodrich needed a new treatment system for its wastewater. Other water related problems at the plant included an increase in hauling costs for its oily wastewater. The hauling costs for its oily wastewater were estimated to be $500,000 annually. Additionally, the plant required high purity water for some processes. They used an ion exchange resin to produce the high purity water required for the plant. Because of varying operation and TDS of the influent water, the resin system would sometimes have to stop producing water for regeneration. This caused expensive disruptions to the manufacturing process.

The Solution

Dynatec was brought in to provide a solution to the 150,000 gallons per day of wastewater produced at the plant. After learning about Dynatec’s experience and capabilities, the oily wastewater and high purity water problems were discussed with Dynatec. After evaluating other options, the customer’s consulting engineer recommended Dynatec to provide a complete solution for the plant.

Dynatec was engaged to provide a turnkey solution that included system design, equipment construction, installation, and startup. The system provided by Dynatec includes 44 pumps and 27 tanks used for water and wastewater treatment process, high strength waste segregation, and bulk storage of chemicals both for the water and wastewater system and other uses in the plant.

The system has three major components:

High Purity Water Treatment

Dynatec provided a two pass reverse osmosis system to create high purity water for the manufacturing process. This RO system provides consistent high quality water and does not interrupt the water supply to the process. Shutdowns due to the high purity water systems were eliminated as well as the high chemical costs required by the ion exchange resin system previously in use.

Wastewater Treatment

The wastewater treatment process includes chemical treatment to reduce the hexavalent chrome to trivalent chrome, which is then precipitated and removed with the ultrafiltration system. Concentrated solids from the ultrafilter are sent to a filter press for dewatering. The ultrafilter permeate is split into two streams. Some is discharged to sewer and some is sent to another reverse osmosis system used to further treat the water for reuse in the plant operations.

Oily Wastewater

Dynatec’s experience in treating oily wastewater made this an easy problem to solve. The oily wastewater ultrafiltration system provided by Dynatec reduced hauling costs significantly and provides a waste oil product that can be recovered. This system saved the company so much money that its installation resulted in a 4 month payback on their investment.


When Dynatec entered the project, they were asked to provide a system to treat a problem wastewater stream. When the entire system was evaluated, Dynatec ended up providing solutions that saved money and eliminated production problems in two other applications in the plant, while providing a single source of responsibility, turnkey solution for the whole project to simplify the customer’s procurement process. The plant started up in December 2008. Since startup, the integrated water and wastewater system is operating as designed. Dynatec’s experience in wastewater treatment using membranes provided a cost effective solution that exceeded the customer’s expectations