Dynatec provides pretreatment when the wastewater characteristics will adversely affect membrane performance or when overall system performance will be improved.



Complete Design

Some wastewater applications are improved by pretreatment prior to membrane separation.  Dynatec provides complete treatment systems with all required pretreatment steps integrated into the design with controls.  Some common membrane pretreatment steps are listed below.


Physical Separation

This type of pretreatment can take two forms, floatables such as free oil, and settleable solids.   Free oil can be collected using oil water separators.  Gravity settling can also remove heavy solids and particulates.



Screening is often used to protect the membranes, and remove large solids. 


pH Correction

Correcting the pH of the system can improve the removal of some contaminants.  Also, pH may need to fall within certain limits for discharge.


Chemical Precipitation

Some contaminants can be precipitated prior to the membrane filtration system. 

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