Dynatec Begins Operations at new MBR Facility

Dynatec has succesfully started up a new 100,000 gpd MBR treating wastewater from Sandy Cove Ministries, a Christian retreat in Northeastern Maryland.

The project includes two process trains with MLE style treatment including pre-anoxic and aeration tanks.   The system startup went smoothly.  After the equipment was checked out and clean water testing was performed, the system was seeded and wastewater was introduced into the system.

The effluent design for the system is:

  • <10 mg/L BOD
  • <10 mg/L TSS
  • <4 mg/L TN

The system is operating and all effluent parameters are being met.  This was the fifth Dynatec MBR startup in the last 12 months. 


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