Membrane Bioreactor for Sanitary Landfill

This project processes leachate from a sanitary landfill. The treatment process includes nitrification and denitrification along with COD removal.

ultrafiltration system

The Problem

The county of Warren NJ owns and operates a sanitary landfill in Oxford Twp, NJ. The facility generates an average of 50,000 gallons per day of leachate, with peaks to 100,000 gallons per day. The facility was discharging to a local POTW from their lagoon, but they were facing requirements for nitrogen removal from the POTW and needed a new system to provide the required treatment.


The purpose of the new system is to reduce the very high levels of COD and ammonia inherent in sanitary landfill leachate in order to allow the treated leachate to be discharged to a local POTW. MBR technology was selected since this offers the best performance possible in the smallest footprint. High operating level of mixed liquor concentrations (10,000 mg/L – 15,000 mg/L) allow for long sludge age, which in turn produces the lowest possible COD in the discharge, as well as minimizing the amount of sludge produced.

The Solution

A new building was erected to house the complete treatment system. All of the tanks, pumps, blowers and controls were housed in this building. Dynatec provided a complete system design, and provided all of the treatment equipment. Treatment tanks are bolted steel, erected on site. Jet aeration and mixing is provided to minimize energy costs. All field controls are analog, providing data to a central PLC-based control panel with touch screen operator control.

The Process

The process design consists of the following:

  1. The leachate is equalized in a 2.5 M gallon lagoon.
  2. Strainers remove large solids.
  3. Leachate Enters an MLE style process with a single anoxic reactor and two aerobic reactors.
  4. Two membrane systems separate the treated effluent from the mixed liquor.

Warren County Process Flow


After only 3 months of operation, the following are the performance results: After more operating time and higher and better acclimated levels of mixed liquor have been developed, the system will produce lower levels of effluent constituents.

Wastewater and effluent conditions are as follows:

ParameterInfluent (mg/L)Effluent (mg/L)


4,000 <1000
Ammonia 800 <5
Total Nitrogen N/A <200


Dynatec Systems has built on its water treatment experience that began in the 1970's using membranes with rugged industrial reliability to produce an MBR systems wrapped in a compact package. This made Dynatec the right choice for this project.The

successful implementation of this system allows this landfill to continue to discharge to the local POTW.

Document downloads

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Landfill Leachate.pdf
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Landfill Leachate - Lanchester.pdf
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Landfill Leachate Case History
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Case Study of MBR and Metals Removal at Hazardous Waste Landfill
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Landfill Leachate - PA.pdf
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