Dynatec Provides Membrane Bioreactor for Elementary School

Dynatec teamed up with Infratech and Pro Start to provide a membrane bioreactor system to treat wastewater from a new elementary school.

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The Problem

A new elementary school was being built in Bel Air, MD that did not have access to sewer lines for disposal of wastewater created at the site. This caused a problem for the construction and facilitated the need for a treatment plant. Sewer lines were planned for the area in the future, so the treatment facility may not be needed long term.

Selection of Technology

The wastewater treatment facility needed to be designed to be relocated in the future, as well as produce high quality effluent with low total nitrogen and zero fecal coliforms. Dynatec’s membrane bioreactor technology was selected because of its small footprint that could be easily moved and the ability to treat the wastewater to very high levels. Other technologies either could not treat the wastewater to the effluent quality required, or were not able to relocate.

ParameterInfluent (mg/L)Effluent (mg/L)


190 <30
TSS 92 <30
Ammonia 110 <10
Total N N/A <20
Fecal Coliforms N/A 0 MPN/100 mL

The Solution

Dynatec teamed up with Infratech Manufacturing, and ProStart to provide the solution. Dynatec designed and built the treatment equipment, and Infratech provided a pre-fabricated building and installed the equipment. The treatment system was completely installed in the building before being placed on site. The building was moved to the site in six parts: two foundation sections, two 24' x 14' buildings sections with all the Dynatec equipment and electrical system pre-installed, and two roof halves. The installation of the completed building on site took six and a half hours.

In the future, if a sewer is available, the plant can be relocated.  Pro Start operates the plant, under contract from Dynatec for the first year of operation.

Plant Operation

The plant was installed on site and start up was completed in August 2011.  The operator spends about five hours per week tending to the plant.  The remote access gives the operator the ability to check on and modify the system from off site if needed, which helps to minimize the time spent on site.

The plant's effluent parameters are significantly below the State's discharge limits and the process requires minimal input from the operator.

ParameterEffluent (mg/L)


TSS <1
Ammonia <1
Total N 6.44
Fecal Coliforms 0 MPN/100 mL

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Elementary School-MBR.pdf
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