Landfill Leachate Pilot Awarded

Dynatec was awarded a contract in late 2011 to provide a turnkey pilot system for landfill leachate treatment for the City of Calgary.

Dynatec was the only company to respond to the that has experience in producing pilot systems of this type and proven experience with landfill leachate treatment systems.  CH2M Hill is the city's engineer. The contract value is around $1M.  The system is expected to start up later this year.

Landfill leachate is a difficult wastewater to treat. The leachate to be treated in this project includes high BOD and COD, heavy metals, and high ammonia. We face the challenge to evaluate treatment processes to either discharge to a POTW or directly to surface or ground water. The system will have to operate under extreme conditions with temperatures reaching -400. The system is designed for flexibility to evaluate different treatment processes.

Dynatec will use chemical pretreatment followed by our Hi-Rate MBR with aerobic and anoxic (MLE process) and a two-pass RO system. The pilot system will be containerized for mobility because the city wants to be able to test the process at other facilities.

Why Dynatec?  Dynatec has extensive experience in difficult wastewater treatment applications such as this one. Projects like the hazardous landfill in Bellevue, MI have given us the experience required to succesfully execute this type of project.