Treatability and Pilot Studies

In order to select the best membrane and system design for a specific project application, Dynatec performs treatability studies and pilot operations.

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Feasibility Study

A Feasibility study is performed before any project is undertaken.  The Feasibility study covers the following areas:

  • To ensure that membrane treatment is a viable option for the application
  • To ensure that membrane treatment offers a cost effective solution


Benchtop Treatability Study

The next stage in the process will likely be a benchtop treatability study.

  • Benchtop studies offer an initial view of the process, using simulated pretreatment steps where required.
  • Analytical work is carried out on raw and treated samples to ensure that the proposed process achieves the required quality of discharge.
  • The study is carried out at low cost and allows us to formulate a preliminary process design for the application.
  • This is presented to the owner along with a revised proposal for consideration. Assuming that this produces a cost-effective result, the project may proceed in a number of different directions.
  • If the confidence levels of both the owner and Dynatec in the proposed design are high enough, the project will proceed to a final process design and final proposal.


Pilot Treatability Study

If required, Dynatec will install a pilot membrane treatment system at the project location in order to prove the proposed process or collect more information about operability.

  • Dynatec maintains a fleet of pilot systems, which can be modified for many applications
  • Pilot studies are particularly useful for larger applications, or where variations in feed quality are anticipated.
  • Equipment is shipped to the owner's site and set up typically using hoses to make installation and breakdown simple
  • Some pilot systems are equipped with remote monitoring and control, which allows us to monitor the system performance from remote locations.

Information Sheets

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Contract Service
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MBR for Major Cereal Manufacturer
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Membrane Configurations
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