Land development

Dynatec’s “DynaLift™” Membrane Bioreactor Process Decentralized Wastewater Treatment is the latest trend in responsible land development. With more new developments being sited in areas where centralized municipal services are not available, small, efficient and cost effective alternatives are required.

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Strict Effluent Requirements

Dynatec’s “DynaLift™ MBR” system is available to meet these needs for lower effluent nutrient levels that allow discharge to sensitive disposal areas or in some cases wastewater reuse. The simple and reliable process assures cost effective compliance with minimal operator involvement.


Lower Power Requirement

The DynaLift™ MBR uses a combination of biomass recirculation as well as an airlift pump principle to create scouring velocity inside the tubular membranes. Total power requirements are approximately 0.1 kWH/m3 (0.38 kWH/1000 gal.) of effluent treated.


Achievable Effluent Quality

MBR technology has traditionally been used in difficult wastewater reuse applications where high quality and reliability were required. Now that normal effluent limits have reached lower requirements (3.0 mg/l total N and < 0.1 mg/l P) the Membrane Bioreactor Process is being utilized more often than in the past to meet these new effluent limits. The effluent quality and lack of system upsets means that water reuse is now a realistic option.


Economical Compliance

Costs of membranes in the past has limited the market for membrane bioreactors. With recent membrane cost reductions; however, MBR’s are now less expensive than conventional treatment plants that require extra unit processes to meet low effluent limits.


The Dynatec Difference

Significant Savings

  • Small footprint saves building cost
  • Water reuse reduces overall consumption
  • Remote Monitoring available
  • Easy maintenance avoids labor costs and regulations


Land Development

  • Residential Housing
  • Office Parks
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Recreational Facilities


Technology Benefits

  • Membrane separation system uses long-lasting tubular ultrafiltration (UF) membranes
  • Simple mechanical process
  • Consistent high quality water
  • Ability to reuse purified water
  • Low operating costs
  • Unattended operation
  • Minimal sludge disposal costs
  • Retrofit existing conventional treatment systems


Contaminants Removed

  • BOD
  • TSS
  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorous


Services Provided

  • Systems Design
  • Equipment and Installation
  • Operator Training
  • Maintenance Contract

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