UF System Removes Oil & Metals

Automotive parts manufacturer needed a UF system to remove oil and metals to allow the treated water to be acceptable for discharge.


Automotive Parts Manufacturer


Water for Reuse

 A worldwide auto parts manufacturer with 85 years of expertise in their field engaged Dynatec to provide a wastewater treatment system to remove oil and metals to allow the treated water to be acceptable for discharge.  Both chemical physical treatment was evaluated along with ultrafiltration. Ultrafiltration was selected based upon the consistency of the qualitative results of the ultrafilter and its ability to process water for discharge at lower cost. The ultrafilter will remove both metals and oil in one mechanical process without the aid of chemical coagulation and flocculation. The process requires little or no chemistry and generates oil that can be processed by a waste oil facility thereby avoiding the requirement for the sludge treatment and dewatering system required by the chemical physical alternative.

Ultrafiltration is a form of filtration that uses a membrane to separate suspended and colloidal materials in an aqueous phase. Wasterwater Ultrafiltration offers several advantages over conventional separation.  There is no chemical required, very little labor required, there is a simple mechanical process used, less sludge, an ability to concentrate the retentate for beneficial use, a space saving benefit as less space is required, and an overall lower operating cost.

An ultrafiltration system is an excellent solution to this manufacturer’s problem.  An ultrafiltration system is a pressure-driven process that removes emulsified oils, metal hydroxides, colloids, emulsions, dispersed material, suspended solids and other large molecular-weight materials.


The Dynatec Difference

Significant Savings

  • Water reuse lowers operating costs
  • Better treatment lowers surcharge
  • Low maintenance


Technology Benefits

  • Using Tubular Ultrafilters (UF)  Simple mechanical process
  • Consistent high quality water
  • Low operating costs
  • Minimal operator intervention required
  • Reduced sludge disposal costs


Contaminants Removed

  • BOD
  • Zinc
  • Suspended solids
  • COD
  • Oil & Grease


Other Services Provided

  • Systems Design
  • Equipment and Installation
  • Operator Training
  • Multi-year service contract
  • Design-Build-Own-Operate-Maintain (DBOOM)


Information Sheets

UF removes oil & grease auto industry
UF removes oil & grease auto industry
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