Membrane Bioreactor for Automobile Manufacturer

Dynatec provided a system to treat wastewater from Ford's automotive assembly plant.

Ultrafilter 2

The Problem

The existing batch chemical treatment system for oil and metals removal was unable to meet the new standards for discharge to local POTW. The new requirements called for lower BOD and total Nitrogen and there was no way to make the existing system able to meet the standards.

The Solution

It was determined that biological treatment would be required to meet the standards for the 100,000 gpd system. It was decided to use tubular Ultrafiltration instead of batch chemical treatment in an effort to reduce cost and improve performance.

A MBR was adopted for several reasons. The MBR would produce consistent high quality water to meet the required standards and operation at higher MLSS permitted the use of an existing tank as the aeration tank.

Why Dynatec? 

Dynatec creatively found how to maximize the use of existing assets and space to give the engine plant the least expensive solution with the least upset to operation. Existing tanks could be utilized and the bulk chemical storage area was able to be converted to house the oily wastewater UF, coalescing O/W separator and the MBR UF.

The tubular out of basin MBR UF gave them the flexibility to locate the UF where it would fit.

Dynatec was able to incorporate Jet Aeration for the aeration tank in order to reduce power consumption and improve performance.

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